Wedding Speaker Inocentiu Fron

wedding speaker Inocentiu fron

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wedding speaker Inocentiu fron

Inocentiu Fron, a man of faith,
A theologian with a creative pace,
A master of liturgy and pastoral grace,
In communication design, he finds his place.

Fluent in languages, four and more,
He speaks with ease, a gift to adore,
A bridge between cultures, he does implore,
For love and peace to forever soar.

As a wedding speaker, he shines so bright,
Personalized ceremonies, with heartfelt might,
For those seeking a joyful, authentic rite,
Inocentiu Fron, a true delight.

But it's not just weddings, he does proclaim,
Welcoming ceremonies, and funerals make him fame,
A compassionate ear, he does maintain,
For all who seek his spiritual gain.

From Rome to London, to many a land,
Inocentiu Fron, an open hand,
Guiding us all to a peaceful stand,
A true servant of God, we understand.

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