English German Wedding in Fawsley Hall

Tobias and Ariane

by Sarah Vivienne Photography When the rain is torrential and doesn’t let up all day, there are worse places you can be than Fawsley Hall. fawsley_hall Because of the terrible weather on Tobias and Ariane’s wedding day we were confined to being indoors for the entire time. But Fawsley is blessed with some beautiful interiors, which we made use of for the Bride & Groom portraits. Unusually we did these before the ceremony so that Tobi & Ari could spend more time with their guests, who had flown over from Germany, during the reception. Tobi and Ari had a ‘free wedding’, which is an alternative style German ceremony, led by Inocentiu Fron. For all intents and purposes, it was much like any other ceremony in terms of format. But it felt a lot more personal and very intimate. And it was delivered in both English and German so that everyone could understand. Many of the guests were involved in the ceremony too with readings and music. As I left they were enjoying the very British tradition of afternoon tea (which Fawsley do in the yummiest style).